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Stark VARG Electric MX Bikes Coming To Triple D Motosport

'The world's fastest motocross bike' coming soon to Triple D's showroom in Kendal, Cumbria.

Stark VARG Electric MX Bikes Coming To Triple D Motosport

Producing an all electric vehicle that’s both practical and housing the performance of its fuel powered counter-parts seems a tough nut to crack, certainly in a competitive racing capacity, but, in the more recent past manufacturers are starting to get the formula right, with people now turning their attention to purchasing an EV over a combustion engine.

Stark Future is one such company that is pushing the boundaries of the EV formula and developing a motorcycle that has the practicality AND the performance of its gas guzzling rivals, whilst showing the world that sustainability doesn’t mean sacrifices to the overall finished product, with their flagship bike, the Stark VARG, looking to revolutionise the industry and prove that electric is now the superior powertrain.

Established in 2019, Stark Future immediately made its intention clear with a team of multi-national experts in the motorcycle and power electronics industries, delivering a statement that sustainability is the future. Despite the company's infancy, they look set to achieve that objective with a quite remarkable piece of craftsmanship in the Stark VARG.

Stark VARG... the world's fastest motocross bike?

True to their company DNA, Stark Future has boldly labelled the VARG “the world's fastest motocross bike” and based on the specifications available to order, you can’t argue with that.

The VARG has a choice of two motors, the standard being 60hp with an additional “alpha” motor available running 80hp that has an incredible power output 30% more powerful than a traditional 450 4-stroke engine, at peak performance the VARG will be producing a scintillating 9hp per KG with 938NM of torque through the rear wheel. To bend the mind a little more, all the power is provided from a carbon-fibre sleeve motor weighing only 9KG coupled with the world's smallest inverter for 50-100Kw ranges, patented by Stark Future themself.


Customisable to your riding style

If that all sounds a little too much, the VARG is fully customisable to suit your needs and riding style, as the onboard dash offers the ability to tweak settings of the bike on the fly such as power curve, engine braking, traction control and Stark Futures patent-pending Virtual Flywheel. A companion app also allows you to adjust these settings from the comfort of your mobile phone, in all there are over 100 ride modes to choose from.

All that performance may sound like it comes at a loss in other areas but this isn't the case. Battery life is phenomenal, supplying the same range as a full tank of fuel on a 450cc, and a quick charge time of 1-2 hours. Fully charged the bike weighs just 110KG, so it's lightweight, and the frame itself is 50% lighter than any competitor. The VARG runs Kayaba suspension front and rear both offering up 310mm of travel, with seven stock suspension setups available to within 5KG of a rider's weight meaning the bike is ready to go straight out the box. Simply put, the Stark VARG is an other-worldy combination of numbers, further solidifying its claim as “the world's fastest motocross bike” whilst staying true to its “ride anywhere, anytime” concept thanks to low maintenance, zero emissions and no noise.

Pre-order your Stark VARG today!

Demonstration bikes will begin rolling out later in 2022 and Triple D Motosport will once again be at the forefront of the motocross landscape delivering this fantastic new product to customers across the North West of England and beyond. Expect the demo bikes to arrive between September and Christmas at the Triple D showroom, with the production VARG set to roll out in March 2023.

We are now accepting deposits of just £200 to secure your order... don't miss out! Call Neil and the team today on 01539 732 666.