Prepare Your KTM for Spring

KTM New Shop Items 28 Feb 2022

With any new riding season comes the insatiable urge to splash out and treat not only yourself but your trusty steed. A new season means a fresh catalogue full of new parts, new styles, new upgrades, new colours, materials and new gear. If you're actually in the market for a new ride then check out the latest KTM bike range and our exclusive offers at Triple D Motosport which is sure to have you weak at the knees.

A new season is almost upon us and some bikes are now beginning to break cover for the first time this year. With weather looking much more favourable, and with slightly longer days, the road bikes can safely leave their sanctuaries without fear of road salt and winter nasties rotting them to pieces. The off-road and adventure bikes probably still haven’t been to bed yet, such is their nature, so maybe they deserve some well earned TLC?

After a year of hard riding, cosmetics begin to look worn, damaged and faded leaving the motorbike looking a little sorry for itself. The good news is with a bit of elbow grease and plenty of polish, the majority of components clean up nicely but for those that don’t and require a replacement, or if the engine is in need of a few parts, Triple D Motosport can facilitate what you need.

Genuine OEM Factory Parts

Boasting an impressive KTM OEM parts finder with access to over 50,000 products spanning the past 20+ years of KTM history on their website, Triple D is sure to have what you need, with some parts already available for pickup in store or next day delivery.

The parts finder itself is easily accessible and clear to use. If you already have the part number, simply input the code into the search bar and you will be directed right to the part you require, and from there click add to basket and checkout.

If you don’t have a part number or would like to browse the in-depth parts list for your bike, there is a detailed search engine that allows for quick and painless searches. Input the VIN or select your bike model and year from the drop down menu and you’ll be presented with every individual part, nut, bolt, gasket and washer divided into “Frame” and “Engine” categories, presented with clear blueprints of each area which can be zoomed in so you know you're clicking the right part. From there simply add to the basket and checkout.

Intensify Your Ride with the latest PowerParts

Triple D also boasts an impressive PowerParts catalogue of over 2,500 pieces including aftermarket parts and spare part kits, all visually presented on the website so you know what you're getting. As one of the biggest KTM parts suppliers nationally, you can buy with confidence online and we'll give you free UK delivery on orders over £50.

Need a Service?

As an authorised KTM service centre, we can also assist in preparing you for the year ahead - book your bike in with our team on 01539 732 666.

Kick start the new season now at Triple D Motorsport.