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Motorcycle Kit Bags, Rucksacks & Backpacks

Triple D New Shop Items 29 Apr 2022

Many riders up and down the country are now preparing for their next adventure, both in the UK and abroad. But as with all good adventures, you’ll want to be properly equipped and able to carry or store everything you’ll need along the way, and of course, equipment and riding gear needs a capable and robust home.

Gearing up for your next adventure? Or looking for something more casual?

Triple D Motosport offers one of the most comprehensive Backpack and Kit Bag stock lists in the North West, sure to fit not only every rider's needs, but appeal to non riders too. Top brands such as KTM, GasGas, Troy Lee Designs, WP, Acerbis, OGIO and USWE all feature and offer something different.


A good kit bag needs to first and foremost be fit for purpose and house everything you require but it also has to look good, and there’s no shortage of that here. All the kit bags on offer at Triple D ooze good looks and capability in equal measure, with KTM offering a choice of traditional orange and black styling or a replica team style that really stands out. GasGas also offers a Troy Lee Designs race team replica in a vibrant red sure to catch the eye.

Highlights include the Travel Bag 9800, which has integrated foam construction throughout for added gear protection, a padded helmet chamber, large compartments, extra large wheels and a SLED (Structural Load Equalising Deck) system for increased durability in the harshest of conditions. The Travel Bag is also available in several different branding styles.


The Triple D catalogue excels in this department as there are nearly 40 items to choose from, each offering something different in both style and function.

The “standard” backpack style is available in KTM, GasGas and WP styles and will appeal to everyone as its robustness can handle the demands of a rider but the functionality and addition of a laptop compartment suits a casual setting as well.

Hydration packs are aplenty and as you’d expect from USWE, their hydration backpacks set the benchmark.

The USWE RAW 3 looks aggressive in black and orange and there's no questioning its ability, the pack is equipped with a signature Bounce Free No Dancing Monkey™ 1.2 harness system that makes the pack stay put on your back even in the most dangerous terrain.

A 2.0L/70oz Elite hydration bladder with a slider opening for easy cleaning/drying makes it possible to put ice inside the bladder during hot conditions. The bladder is also equipped with a smooth Plug-n-Play tube coupling for extra secure and easy handling.

This pack, among many others in the range, is compatible with the use of a helmet handsfree kit, sold separately and available at Triple D.

Hydration bladders are also available separately in 1, 2 and 3L variants.

KTM offers the broadest range of backpacks with their own hydration backpacks coming in various styles including a neat Team Dakar pack, along with belt and duffel bags.


Triple D Motosport has something for everyone, so check out our extensive range of Rucksacks and Bags and equip yourself for the next adventure.