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Introducing Burts Best Bits!

Triple D Team Rider Burts Crayston has been looking over his KTM enduro bike this week and has made a list of the hardware he'd recommend to either enhance or protect your bike.

What do you reckon? Is there anything else you'd add to the list? Let us know over on the Triple D Facebook page and if you've a list of things you'd like to share, we might just be able to add them to the site.

Akrapovič "Slip-on Line"

Highly rated upgrade to performance and feel, this Factory Racing Akrapovič silencer for KTM Enduro machines curves the power and gives more bottom end and power to your bike. Made from high grade titanium it is lightweight compared to standard exhausts and stronger.

When paired with the Factory Racing Expansion Chamber it gives sensitive response and more increased performance, and not to mention an improved throttle response and increases in both power and torque.

This Akra Slip On and Expansion Chamber is available on pre-order now, with deliveries expected in February.

Suitable for 2024 KTM models EXC 250/300 and EC 250/300.

Radiator Protection Sleeve

The radiator nets are a subtle touch that protects the radiator from mud, dirt and sand. This stops the radiators clogging up giving protection against rapid overheating of the engine in muddy conditions. You will never be picking grass from your radiators again!

There are 2 options available offering slightly different shapes depending on your bike model. They're also sold as a pair to cover both entry points for the radiator.

Choose this radiator protection kit for KTM bike models up to 2023. For 2024 models, this radiator protection sleeves option will help with that wet, winter riding and help to avoid any engine mishaps while on the trail or the track.

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Radiator Protection Sleeves

Exhaust Flange Guard

One small protection part that will be a life saver in a costly crash! The flange is CNC milled from high-strength aluminium to give extra strength to the exhaust flange piece preventing damage, breakage and a costly parts bill.

This item also matches the KTM colours for a bit of extra bling, so you can choose from a black exhaust flange guard or the brighter KTM orange CNC milled flange guard to give that extra bling factor.

There's also an orange exhaust guard for older KTM enduro bikes from 2017 to 2022.

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An Exhaust Flange Guard can prevent damage in the event of a scrape

Brake Caliper Support with Brake Disk Guard

A must have to any hard enduro warrior, the KTM rear brake disc guard protects the brake disc in the event of a fall - especially useful when smashing through rock gardens!

It’s made from CNC milled high-strength aluminium giving it a high stiffness and strength and gives added protection to critical components of your bike when riding across rough ground.

Available in both all black and orange.

Factory Racing Brake Disc Guard

Another must have for the hard enduro enthusiast or even just for high speed green lanes, is the front disc guard.

Made from a mix of carbon fibre and plastic, it's extremely light but strong enough to protect the brake disc from stones and other solid obstacles as you're flying about across rough terrain.

There are 2 options to choose from; the Factory Racing option supporting a 260mm brake disc, and the standard plastic brake disc guard which is less expensive.

Both allow you to change the tyre without having to remove the guard, so even while it protects the brakes, we make no promises for your tyres!

AXP Xtrem Skid Plate

Probably the number one protection part for getting on the trails or race starts, the AXP skid plate can save you from costly damage to the bike's undercarriage when ground clearance is limited.

It's light weight at only 1.1kg, but it's made of high density polyethylene 8mm plastic, making it 30 to 40% lighter than its equivalent in aluminium!

Most importantly the skid plate offers a full protection of the frame, casings and water pump, while still having access to bolts.

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The AXP Lightweight HDPE Skid Plate

An alternative to AXP skid plate is the Acerbis plate Skid plate, it provides maximum protection for the frame and engine by having extended protection areas on the side crankcases, water pump and foot peg areas.

Also this skid plate is only 650g making it lighter than AXP, covering more on casings, with extra venting to allow easier washing and preventing mud clumping.

Michelin Bib-Mousse Front + Rear Combo

Probably my must have part to get your bike ready to race!

Never will a puncture stop you from crossing that finish line or cutting the trail ride short. Have that extra grip and feel on the ground to climb the steepest hills and the most slippery of terrain, to get the best performance match with the Michelin endure medium for green lanes to cross country racing.

For my personal preference a Michelin 120/80-18 mousse drilled with mousse corer, inside a Michelin Enduro Xtrem rear 140/80-18 paired with a Michelin enduro FRONT 100/90-21 for the relentless terrain hard endure can throw at you.

Check out the range of Enduro and Off Road tyres and don't be shy about giving us a call to talk through your options.

9MM Brembo clutch master cylinder

Normally the 9mm clutch is fitted to 125s or 150s but I replace the 10mm on my 2024 300 KTM EXC to a 9mm. The 9mm clutch Powerpart gives a lighter pull on the lever, improving the feel of the bike and optimising performance.

Raptor foot pegs

One of my personal favourites on my setup and much improved upgrade, the Raptor titanium enduro foot pegs give the best feel from peg to rider.

They are also very customisable from standard OEM measurements to 10mm or 5mm up or down to back or forward. You can even have them at specific measurements.

My personal pegs are 10mm back and standard height.

The pegs are crafted by British engineers using hand-fabricated, aerospace-grade 6Al-4V titanium and the latest manufacturing techniques to produce the strongest welds, eliminating stress and corrosion.

They are also the lightest and strongest foot pegs on the market used by top riders and factory teams around the world. The teeth shape and platform size make them extra grippy ensuring you’ll never slip off again (well, so long as your feet are on the pegs, of course).


Raptor Titanium Foot Pegs

Factory Racing Frame Protection Kit

Last on the list, these KTM factory frame guards protect the frame without changing the slim lines of your motorcycle.

Mounting directly on the frame preventing abrasion by dirt, while also providing better control due to improved contact with your bike.

What do you think?

So what's your riding favourite accessory? Do you use any of these? Let us know over on our Facebook page and if you want to share your own list, get in touch and we'll add it to our site.

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Burts Crayston

Burts Crayston has been riding for the Triple D Race Team and competes in hard enduro competitions across Europe. He’s a regular podium finisher and loves a good rock garden.