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Neil Crayston

Neil Crayston

Managing Director

The Boss. Having been an avid motorcycle enthusiast his whole life, Neil was perfectly suited to take the reins of Triple D Motosport, and has never looked back. Having ridden nearly every possible profession of bike over the years, from adventure and enduro to superbikes, nobody has more bike knowledge than the man at the top.

Maria Crayston

Maria Crayston


Do you want to speak to the man in charge, or the woman who knows whats going on? When it comes to anything that isn't a bike sale, Maria is the woman who knows whats going on. Joint owner and Diretor of Triple D Motosport, Maria is an avid and experienced motorcycle enthusiast who's been at the company longer than anyone, and still going strong.

Benji Sayer

Benji Sayer

Head Mechanic

When it comes to things with wheels, there's nothing Ben can't fix. Whether it's an engine rebuild on a brand new 450SX-F, or taking apart something as big as a Motorhome, he's yet to find a challenge he can't conquer. Hailing from so far down south that they don't even have gravy with chips, Ben is an avid rider and engineer, running a pristine workshop with years of experience.